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Grover Farr

Richmond, Kentucky

859 - 624 - 5307

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Grover Farr teaches private lessons in piano, voice and music theory in Richmond, KY.  He has more than twenty-five years experience teaching music.


Learning music is an adventure and an investment in yourself or your child.  It is a lifelong skill that can produce hours of enjoyment for you and/or others.  You may study music for many reasons: playing or singing for your own enjoyment, contributing to church or community activities or performing for others.  Grover’s training; knowledge and experience can help you reach your goals.


As a musician and teacher, Grover has encountered many of the situations you are likely to face as you progress in your studies.  He can help you learn and work through these situations.


Grover says, “I believe that learning and practicing can and should be enjoyable.  There are some things in music that are challenging to understand or perform, but with the right kind of learning and practice environments, even those challenges can provide you with a wonderful sense of accomplishment.”

A Synopsis of Grover’s Musical Career


  • Participated in piano recitals regularly from age 4 through high school, including performing his first full length recital while in the 9th grade.

  • Won several performance scholarships while in high school

  • Participated in college students recitals.

  • Awarded a B.A. from Berea College, Berea, KY

  • Awarded a M.A. from Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, KY

  • After college, he participated in community theatre in acting, dancing, singing, choreography, and accompanying.

  • Performed (played and sang) at country clubs, night clubs, and theatres.

  • Formed and directed Encore, a show choir of business and professional people who performed locally and over a three-state area.  With Encore, he arranged and directed all the music, did choreography, played piano solos and accompaniments, sang solos, and sang and danced in some group numbers.

  • He has accompanied (on piano and organ) both choirs and soloists for Protestant and Catholic churches.

  • Directed church choirs.

  • Was accompanist for Sallie Odum, alto. 

  • Studied piano with Charmaine Weatherly, Evelyn Pence, Nancy Marsh Wright, and Robert Lewis.

  • Studied voice with Eileen Meyer, Rolf Hovey, and Sallie Odum.

  • Accomplishments of some of Grover Farr’s former music students:

  • Several students have received full or partial college scholarships in music.

  • Several students have received or are currently pursuing advanced degrees in music.

  • At least three of his students have recorded CD’s of songs they wrote.

  • Many of Grover’s former students play and/or sing today in bands, as soloists, in community or church groups, or for their own pleasure.

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