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Mr. & Mrs. Currier

This year Currier’s Music World celebrates 50 years in the music business. This blog will explore our history, evolution and the many incarnations that made it possible to survive and thrive in the ever changing and volatile music business.

Through conversations with my mother and father and many other people in the Central Kentucky area, I will map out our colorful history. I believe that being successful in a business is a combination of many factors. Being in the right place at the right time, luck, hard work, determination, education, passion, faith, (did I say luck), talent and the necessity to eat, feed your family and pay the rent.

It is amazing how different our music store is from the fledgling business that opened 50 years ago. What has remained constant is the love music, the willingness to serve our community and the belief that music makes a difference in everyones life, no matter which musical road you decide to explore and travel down. And there are MANY! Come along with me to find out how our musical journey began, evolved and continues to grow every day.


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